Interview with Christian Drissler - Business Manager PRINT

Lahnpaper Print stands for unique · variety: What makes Lahnpaper's Print division unique in terms of variety? What characterises Lahnpaper's production process? What makes the range of print substrates unique on the market? Christian Drissler answers these and other questions in this interview.


Lahnpaper Print stands for “unique · variety”: What makes the Print division of Lahnpaper unique in terms of variety?

The uniqueness of the Print division lies in its variety: soft - firm, white - coloured, smooth - rough, light - heavy, durable - recyclable, and so on. We can serve all these properties with products and in many cases simultaneously in one product.

Our products can therefore be found in a wide variety of applications. We have various print substrates for technically demanding applications (e.g. racing numbers, land and sea maps, outdoor advertising, labels and packaging, etc.) and applications where haptic features are important (e.g. book covers).

We offer a wide range of high-quality products - neobond®, pretex®, varitess®, cuturon®, lahnur® and lahnit®. They can do more than normal paper and are characterised by properties such as durability, high strength (wet and dry), exceptional haptic features as well as excellent printability and processability.

Furthermore, the customer structure in our print division is as diverse as the product range itself. Our customers have different requirements that we try to fulfil. We work intensively with wholesalers, printers, agencies and converters.

What characterises Lahnpaper's production process? What makes the portfolio of print substrates unique on the market?

We have strong expertise in combining different raw materials (cellulose, synthetic fibres, natural fibres, binders, pigments, etc.) and use this to generate tailor-made solutions for individual customer requirements with product properties such as durability, strength, textile feel and printability.

Our production process enables us to produce a wide range of products such as coated and uncoated papers, with more or less volume and density, heavy or light papers, as well as coloured grades. This flexibility is unique on the market and enables our customers to work with us to develop truly customised solutions.



Who are your most important partners in realising unique · variety?

Wholesalers are the most important partners on the market. They stock selected products of our range, ensuring rapid availability, even in smaller quantities, and help us to market the product. Additionally, paper agencies are also important partners. They can expand their product range with Lahnpaper solutions and offer high-quality print products - also together with creative agencies. Together with manufacturers in the printing industry, we develop innovative printing substrates for specific printing technologies creating benefits for everyone.

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Who are the relevant decision-makers for the Lahnpaper Print division?

The most important decision-makers include the industry, agencies and printers. They also include converters, public authorities and interior designers in the wallpaper business segment.


What have been your most important recent successes?

One of the most important successes in the recent past is definitely our product lahnur®: the unique combination of durability, recyclability and sustainability.

Another fundamental success of recent years is that we have been able to expand our role on international markets despite the pandemic, energy crisis, wars, raw material shortages and rising raw material costs and will continue to do so.

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What are the most important trends in the print division? And how do you respond to them?

One decisive development is the change in printing technologies. Digital printing is increasingly replacing offset printing. As a niche provider, we are responding by developing new solutions that are ideally suited to digital printing. In doing so, we focus on the properties of our products, such as durability or wear resistance.

In addition to digitalisation, sustainability is another important trend in the printing sector.

What challenges do you see? What opportunities will arise?

We start where others stop. That means: as a niche provider, we offer solutions out of the box and see growth potential there. We need to defend these niche markets and respond to the changes in the printing industry with product developments.



How important is sustainability in the printing sector? What does Lahnpaper offer?

With lahnur® we have developed a recyclable product that impresses with its durability, resistance and haptic features. In addition to lahnur®, other Lahnpaper products are also available with FSC® certification. Our products neobond®, pretex®, varitess® and cuturon® are characterised by their durability and thus make a contribution to sustainability.

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