lahnur® - Durable - Recyclable - Inimitable.

Lahnpaper expands product portfolio

Lahnpaper, quality manufacturer and market leader on the international market for fibre products, adds a new, recyclable and durable paper to the product portfolio. lahnur® is a unique print medium combining formerly incompatible and even contradictory features such as durability, recyclability and sustainability to perfection. Compared to other papers, lahnur® is 100% more resistant and weatherproof.

The new product is certified recyclable and can be disposed with waste paper. lahnur® is biodegradable and is made of more than 80% renewable raw materials. The paper has unique haptic features and is suitable for multiple or long-term use due to its durability. lahnur® is ideal for all commonly used printing procedures and loves further processing. The new product is FSC® certified and can be used for direct food contact. lahnur® is uncoated and available in reels and sheets in the grammages of 110 g/m², 150 g/m² and 200 g/m².

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