Interview Thomas M. Fuhrmann, October 2023

What makes Lahnpaper unique? Which advantages do we offer to our customers and where does Lahnpaper stand in the future? In this interview, our Managing Director Thomas M. Fuhrmann answers these and many more questions.


Lahnpaper has the slogan unique · together - What makes you unique? And why together?

Lahnpaper is the individualist in the mass market. We offer unique and high-quality specialist products, tailored to the specific needs and interests of our customers.

The decoupling of our production processes, enables flexibility and allows production of small batch sizes. The combination of high flexibility, special machinery and raw materials, as well as a highly motivated team of experienced and committed employees, empowers us to develop individual solutions with our customers. This business model is unique.


What makes your production different compared to that of your competitors?

Our production process is divided into different stages that allow repetitions (production loops) to adjust the specific technical product characteristics. Allowing us to offer a wide portfolio of products, based on our 6 product brands varitess®, lahnur®, pretex®, neobond®, cuturon®, lahnit®.

We can produce particularly porous base papers, which are perfect for further processing by our customers - e.g., impregnation/coating. Impregnation and coating at our mill are also possible.


What are the advantages of ourstaged production process (Offline production process)?

We have decoupled our production process and can produce in chunks, tailoring products to specific customer requirements.

Therefore, Lahnpaper is in a position to implement the extraordinary requirements of our customers, enabling them to improve their position in their competitive environment.


How do you see yourself in the current competitive environment? What differentiates you from your competitors?

It is difficult to identify 1:1 competition, as our business model really is unique and offered in this way by no one else. There are certainly competitor products, some cellulose-based, however, more often containing plastic.

We face this comparison with optimism and see the replacement of products containing plastic as a great growth potential for the future. Here, we support our customers in development projects with adaptions in individual formulas and our consulting expertise.


How important are international markets in your business?

Currently, our focus is the European B2B sector. Customers are approached directly via agents and our own employees.

Our business unit "Security" is characterized by a strong international expansion. Where we supply public authorities with security substrates for the production of ID cards, security documents, passports, certificates, etc. (B2G).


Which role do the business units have in the further development of Lahnpaper?

Our four business units Industrial, Print, Security and Wallcovering reflect our main customer segments. These are very diverse in their business models and requirements. Therefore, we focus on these application area in order to offer our customers the greatest benefits.

Within the company, we strive for the highest possible homogeneity in terms of procurement, production and logistics. This ensures optimal added value and quicker delivery times.


What role does sustainability play in your company?

Sustainability and resource conservation is of great importance for Lahnpaper - as well as for the entire natural fibre processing industry. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environmental management) and DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy management).

Our products neobond®, pretex®, cuturon®, varitess® and lahnit® stand for high durability, as well as longevity and make an important contribution to the conservation of resources for our customers' applications.

In many situations, our cellulose-based (renewable raw material!) products are in direct competition with plastic products (films).

In order to refine our sustainability profile, we have developed lahnur®, a substrate that significantly increases the proportion of renewable raw materials.

Thanks to its recyclability, lahnur® delivers Lahnpaper an innovative contribution to the reutilization of our products.


What are you most proud of? What does the future hold?

The last 3 years have been challenging and marked by unpredictable circumstances such as Covid, the war in Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis.

We got through these crisis well and initiated a change process within the company, moving towards an agile team with more personal responsibility.

We have invested in the modernization of our production facilities and processes and have expanded our capacities. Our new administration building will be ready for occupancy in autumn and will provide a modern working environment for our employees.

We have also developed lahnur® - as already mentioned - a sustainable, recyclable substrate to replace products containing plastic.


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