COVID-19 ("Corona Virus") - Current situation at Lahnpaper

Due to the actual development caused by "Corona Virus" we want to inform you about the situation at Lahnpaper.

  • So far, no acute case of COVID-19 ("corona virus") has become known at Lahnpaper. 
  • The Management is in close contact with the local health authority and adheres to these instructions. We have already established preventive measures recommended by the health authorities, such as information on the hygiene measures to be used (washing hands, disinfection, access control for the plant, etc.) in order to protect yourself, but also the environment and colleagues. 
  • We are enforcing strict rules within our factory, accepting no visitors unless operational necessity requires it. 
  • Some employees work from home. For all those remaining we formed teams to split people reducing the risk of working too closely together. 
  • Inquiries and orders will continue to be processed as usual. We are in full operation. Production is running. 
  • In the event of employee shortage, there is always the option of compensating by extra work and reserve pool employees. In particular in the production department our employees can be appointed flexibly on different units. This makes it easy to compensate possible shortage. 
  • All our raw material suppliers are confirming no issues in supply. Due to the currently known status of the corona virus topic, we do not see any disruption in our supply chain for at least the next two months. 
  • From today's perspective, we do not see any bottlenecks in deliveries to our customers for the next two months. Nevertheless, we also offer you the production and delivery of a safety stock of finished goods for you. If this is an option, we have to agree on products, quantity and delivery date. 
  • Deliveries continue. However, considering the current border restrictions that are being put in place and transport companies may be affected by the virus regarding available staff, there could be longer delivery times in the future. 
  • The usual contacts and sales staff are available for communication with Lahnpaper. Disease prevention regulations also apply here. If necessary, we will communicate any temporary contact details.

We will keep you updated as soon as the situation changes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Status: 14th April 2020


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