Setting of the course for a successful future

Our corporate mission statement

We are a medium-sized company based in Lahnstein in Southwest Germany where we have been producing paper for over a hundred years. We are passionate about and feel proud of developing, producing and selling special high-quality types of paper and nonwovens that are used by customers around the world.

What motivates our work is success and satisfaction with our achievements, confronting challenges, engaging in interesting work and knowing that our staff is adequately rewarded and our company is profitable. A large number of our employees have been working for the company for many years; often drawn from several generations.

We support industry and expand our know-how and expertise through active engagement in industry associations and local institutions.

The mission statement is the basis for successful cooperation within the company, with our customers and with our business partners. We shall consistently implement the mission statement.


Having produced special types of paper and nonwovens for more than a hundred years, we have a wealth of experience and competence in product development as well as extensive know-how concerning the organisation of our production processes. In addition, we assist our customers as partners with the further processing of paper.  

We are known for the great flexibility and dedication of our staff and the extreme variability of our processes and technologies, which enable us to produce a multiplicity of products. Due to our unique products we are market leaders in some countries and offer solutions for existing and new applications.


By treating employees and colleagues with appreciation and respect everyone contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere.

We do not tolerate discrimination, vilification, xenophobia or other forms of disrespect and intolerance between people.

We communicate across departments, foster team work and encourage our employees to show initiative. 

Creating the best possible working conditions for a contented and motivated workforce is immensely important to us. This includes efforts to ensure the right work-life balance for our staff.  

Making our customers happy is of key importance to us. We are enthusiastic about working together with our customers and business partners to arrive at innovative solutions.  


Our relationship with our customers is based on trust and we work together as partners to achieve sustainable success.  

This requires reliable contact, consistent and above-average quality as well as continuous progress and swift action.  

Led by intuition and driven by dedication, we collaborate with our customers to develop tomorrow’s products.


To us, creativity means thinking beyond what is and being courageous enough to explore new horizons.  

We believe that change is an opportunity for progress and growth, which is why we are actively pursuing it.

To this end we analyse existing structures and processes to further develop and optimise them in line with the current state of the art.


We accept responsibility for the environment by utilising sustainable raw material and using energy sparingly. Through continuous improvements we are organising our processes in an efficient manner.  

To us, social responsibility is about creating a safe and clean working environment for our staff that is as pleasant as possible. At work we are mindful of ourselves and of others.  

We comply with all statutory rules and regulations.


We work together to ensure the profitability and sustainable growth of Lahnpaper. Our business activities are the basis for corporate success and safe jobs for future generations. To this end we define measurable goals, we communicate them in a clear and binding fashion and do whatever it takes to achieve them.  

We safeguard our competences by consistently training and developing our staff.  

Full of confidence we look towards the future.

Our corporate mission statement


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