Change of scenery - with Lahnpaper!

Individual wall design with digitally printed wallpapers

Whether creative individual pieces or convincing series that are completely convincing in terms of haptics, appearance, workmanship and durability - with varitess® you get high-quality wallcoverings that set no limits to your own creativity.


Change of scenery at St. Nikolaus-Stiftshospital Andernach

Especially in places and rooms where a positive atmosphere, inspiration and joy are important, wallpapers can be real mood setters. With this ambition, we joined forces with the company Oschatz - Visuelle Medien, a team of wallpaperers and photographers at the St. Nikolaus-Stiftshospital in Andernach and took on one wall each in two corridors (W: 9.40 m x H: 2.60 m and W: 11.77 m x H: 1.69 m).

We used varitess® 938.150 as a base or smooth fleece to get an evenly smooth surface and as a photo wallpaper - digitally printed by Oschatz, experts in the production of digital print wallpapers.

We have created a feel-good atmosphere for patients, visitors and hospital staff with our project "Change of Wallpaper".


The stuff that digitally printed wallpapers are made of:

We know non-woven for wallpaper, we understand digital printing processes and combine both. This is the simple basic idea behind the product varitess® - the digitally printable wallpaper fleece, which has already found its way into many living areas as "digital wallpaper".

For example, in hotels, office buildings, retail or discount stores, in order to put the presentation of products in a design context. Individualised wall designs are also becoming increasingly popular in the private sphere.


varitess® has been the leading brand for wallpaper nonwovens for over 30 years.

  • Wet-laid nonwoven - made from high-purity cellulose and textile fibres - produced on an inclined wire machine.
  • The high-quality varitess® products cover four different areas of application for any kind of wall design:
  • varitess® smooth nonwoven: nonwovens for painting over for perfect walls in renovation and new construction of residential buildings.
  • varitess® Print: printable wallpaper nonwovens for individual design highlights
  • varitess® Vinyl: nonwovens for the production of vinyl wallpapers for spectacular relief effects
  • varitess® Specials: nonwovens for special applications and custom-made products
  • Good and proven quality
  • Easy and fast processing, best properties when wallpapering.
  • Joint product development with our customers according to individual requirements
  • "Made in Germany
  • Different surface variants and roll widths available


Das große Plus: Einfache Weiterverarbeitung

  • varitess® Print: Digital and printable in all common wallpaper printing processes
  • Versatile and stable with finishes: Lamination, embossing and coating possible
  • Speed advantage thanks to wall-gluing technology: rapid wallpapering without a wallpaper table
  • High strength and thickness: bridges small wall damages and unevennesses
  • Dimensionally stable: no seams or creases
  • varitess® smooth nonwoven: very good paintability
  • Dry strippable (depending on substrate, paste type and application)


Certified quality:

  • Selected products are available FSC® certified on request
  • Selected products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified


Lahnpaper is part of the "Germany Wallpapers" industry campaign

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