Travelling is longing for life

Unlimited possibilities - Thanks to the vaccination card

Exploring distant countries, discovering new things or simply enjoying the freedom - travelling is an important part of life for many people. Whether it's a business trip, a backpacker tour or a family holiday, the vaccination card is a constant companion. It is the entry ticket for countries where vaccinations are required. But the vaccination card also offers security. Thanks to it, doctors get important information in case of an emergency and can treat the patient in the best possible way.

The challenge

A lifelong companion

The vaccination card is a document that accompanies people from birth during their whole life. Therefore, durability and robustness are essential features. Especially when you are travelling the document is subjected to heavy wear and tear. The vaccination card is stored in the luggage, wallet or handbag. Additionally, the card is exposed to special climatic conditions such as heat, humidity and strong UV radiation.

One challenge

Two solutions

Lahnpaper special papers are used in particular when conventional paper grades are not robust enough. For the vaccination card, we have found individual solutions for special requirements with two different customers.

Deutsches Grünes Kreuz e.V.

Vaccination card PRO

The Deutsches Grünes Kreuz e. V. has been issuing the International Vaccination Card in Germany for more than 50 years. Some years ago, they developed the "Vaccination Card PRO“ due to numerous requests for a more stable edition. Currently, the "Vaccination Card PRO“ is being reissued and is made of pretex® from Lahnpaper.

The "Vaccination Card PRO“ is available here.

The Lahnpaper solution

pretex® - durably good

pretex® is a high-quality impregnated special paper for demanding applications. Documents made of pretex® impress with their high longevity and durability. Regardless of whether pretex® comes into contact with moisture, is exposed to high temperatures or UV light, the paper is colourfast and indelible and can be used for many years. Therefore the material is ideal for documents that are permanently held by people or while travelling.

pretex® is writable with standard writing instruments and can be stamped (stamping inks for non-porous surfaces are recommended for faster drying). The material is already used for numerous applications in the health and pharmaceutical sectors. These include for example the dentist bonus booklet, medication and emergency cards, disability/prosthetics passport, allergy passport and many more. 

Europapier Austria GmbH and Gerin Druck GmbH

Vaccination card Austria


The Europapier Group is the leading paper wholesaler in Central and Eastern Europe. The current product range includes graphic papers & packaging, office papers, hygiene, advertising technology and packaging solutions. Europapier's range of speciality papers has been carefully selected to offer customers the widest possible choice of modern, luxurious, creative and timeless papers. With one of the largest and most attractive selections in the industry, we have countless innovative ideas to ensure you meet and exceed your customers' expectations. Europapier is the exclusive partner for Lahnpaper special papers in Austria.

Gerin Druck

With more than 150 years of experience, Gerin is an expert in printing. The joy of experimentation and permanent search for innovation has brought Gerin to the top of the Austrian printing industry. They are happy to develop special printing solutions together with their customers, but are also perfectly equipped for large and very large print runs. Genuine print quality is the constant in all Gerin products. And this since 1871.

Together, Europapier, Gerin Druck and Lahnpaper have found the ideal substrate for the production of the Austrian vaccination passport.

Vaccination Card Austria made of neobond®

The Lahnpaper solution

neobond® - robust, durable, unique haptic features

neobond® is ideal for everything that is supposed for long term use and is exposed to high stress.  The neobond® qualities consist of a mixture of selected cellulose and synthetic fibres, which are strengthened with a special impregnation. A double-sided coating ensures good printability. neobond® is highly durable, waterproof and has unique haptic features. Documents made of neobond® are resistant to ageing and remain colourfast and indelible  - even after exposure to UV light.

For decades, neobond® has been used for durable security documents, for example vehicle documents, certificates, identity cards, diploma and more. 

If required, neobond® can also be equipped with security features such as watermarks and fluorescent fibres.

Sustainable and certified

Selected pulps and synthetic fibres are used to produce our special papers. On request, neobond® and pretex® are FSC® certified available.

Are you interested?

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