Sustainable tree tags made of lahnur®

Picking is allowed - sustainability meets commitment

Orchard meadows are traditional cultivated landscapes that not only characterise the landscape, but also fulfil an important ecological function. These species-rich habitats provide a valuable habitat for a large number of plant and animal species and therefore make a significant contribution to biodiversity. Orchard meadows also play an important role in sustainable agriculture. In the idyllic region of Franconian Switzerland, a remarkable initiative has developed that combines sustainability and tradition in an impressive way.

The Project

A network for the preservation of orchards

The orchards shape the Swiss Franconian landscapes: every year when the cherry blossoms the region is transformed into a white blossom paradise; in the summer apples, quinces, pears, plums and Mirabelle plums ripen on the sunny slopes. For those who don’t own an orchard they can look for the yellow ribbons in autumn. The town mayors of the ILE, “Swiss Franconian AKTIV”, together with farm workers have commissioned 400 fruit trees for harvesting.

The aim is to integrate orchard fruit into everyday life and offer farmers fair income opportunities. The decision to only use direct juices from orchard fruit in the town halls is another logical step.

The "Treasures of Franconia" network was founded by the Lias-Grube environmental centre back in 2017. This network is committed to the protection of old Franconian plant and animal species and promotes sustainability in the region.

An interactive online map, the so-called "treasure map", shows all the locations of the "picking allowed" campaign and makes it easy for people to take part in the initiative.

The challenge

Eco-friendly tree tags

One creative element of this initiative are the tree tags, which were developed in collaboration with the agency promedia Design from Erlangen. Made of lahnur®, which is characterised by its recyclability and durability, these tags carry a profound message. They are tied to the "yellow ribbon" around the trees and mark which trees have been released for harvesting.

The Lahnpaper solution

lahnur® - Durable - Recyclable - Inimitable

lahnur® combines durability, recyclability and sustainability to perfection and consists of over 80 % renewable raw materials. The paper has a unique haptic and is ideal for multiple or prolonged use. lahnur® can be printed using all common printing processes, can be further processed as required (e.g. grooving, creasing and folding) and is FSC®-certified.

Product range:

  • Grammages 110, 150 and 200 g/m²
  • Colour white
  • Uncoated surface
  • Available in reels and sheets
  • Standard stock format 70 x 100 cm


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